Lindsey Hillman

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Division of Property Management

Director of Operations
Lindsey Hillman

Lindsey Hillman, founder and director of the Property Management Division, oversees hundreds of residential and multi-family rental properties in the Lowcountry. Her focus is to provide individual service to property owners and maximize the owner’s ROI.

Lindsey owns over 30 rental units in the area. As an investor, she knows firsthand the opportunities and challenges facing property owners. Because of her own experiences with utilizing property management companies, she knows what owners want and need. There are many factors involved in good management services, but Lindsey cuts to the core by:

  • Getting properties rented quickly
  • Securing quality tenants by thoroughly screening applicants
  • Minimizing your monthly costs

By focusing on the basics of good service and good management, our team will make sure you get the most out of your real estate investment!